De la société

    The Company's Mission - development of modern and high-speed vessels meeting the needs of the global market and promoting Russia to the leading positions among shipbuilding industries.

    SC ALEKSEEV`s DESIGN BUREAU — is a continuously growing company with advanced scientific, engineering and experimental base, a team of highly qualified professionals having vast experience in the field of research, design, construction, testing and operation of high-speed vessels.

    JSC ALEKSEEV`s DESIGN BUREAU builds high-speed civil, dual-purpose and military vehicles based on various hydrodynamic principles. These are hovercraft and hydrofoils, air cavity craft and gliding boats with different bottom configuration, multipurpose platforms and ekranoplanes.

    The company is the world leader in these design fields. With regard to performance, the high-speed vessels designed by JSC ALEKSEEV`s DESIGN BUREAU are ahead of the world standards of high-speed shipbuilding. The vessels feature high reliability, economical efficiency, and ease of operation.

    To date, the Bureau created the following:

    • 70 projects of hydrofoils – more than 4000 sea and river hydrofoils have been built;

    • over 20 vessels with air cavity at the bottom, more than 50 air cavity vessels have been built;

    • over 40 ekranoplane projects - more than 30 vessels for various purposes.

    Today, JSC ALEKSEEV`s DESIGN BUREAU carries out works on design of new generation high-speed vessels for Russian navy and civil fleet.