International maritime defence show-2017

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JSC “Alexeev’s Hydrofoil Design Bureau” (hereafter – CDB) invite guests and participants of the VIII International maritime defence show “IMDS-2017”, which will be held in Saint-Petersburg, to visit the company’s stand and get known with the newest projects in the field of Navy and civil shipbuilding from June 28 to July 2, 2017.

Now we continue to carry out the works on the design of high-speed transport of civil, double and military purposes: hydrofoils, hovercrafts, air-cavity vessels, gliding boats and ekranoplanes. There company built more than 8000 passenger vessels and boats in accordance with its projects, the vessels were delivered into 350 countries.

The unique knowledge and rich experience of our company allow to design high-speed vessels, which defer by improved dynamic characteristics, comfort for passenger and crew, modern design, economical efficiency and high safety.

The company provides the full range of services of the design, building, as well as aerodynamic (in aerodynamic tunnel, at the gaz-dynamic stand) and hydrodynamic (on the open water, in water tunnel) trials.

The following large-scale models will be performed to the visitors at our stand:

Sea hydrofoil “Kometa 120M” with the passenger capacity pf 120 people. It can achieve the speed of up to 35 knots (about 65 km/hour). Nowadays, it is carrying out the final stage of the building of this vessel.

The operation of hydrofoil “Kometa 120M” id urgent in the Black Sea basin, as well as Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean Region.

River hydrofoil “Valdai 45R” with the passenger capacity of 45 people and maximum speed of 65 km/hour. Using the newest equipment, this vessel is being built at the own production. “Valdai 45R” can decrease the load of road traffic, especially, in the conditions of the increased number of fans to the World football Championship 2018, providing the water transportation between the cities, as well as it can attract the tourists. The vessel’s built is planned to be finished in the end of 2017.

The river hydrofoil boat “Dolphin V2” (enclosed design), which is designed for the water trips and passenger transportation at the speed of up to 85 km/hour. The boat is built at the own production field with the use of composite materials,  valuable breeds of a tree, n modern style on individual, refined design for private customers.

High-speed artillery missile hydrofoil boat of the project 133 RA “Antares” is designed to defeat surface ships of various classes and types, as well as stationary ground objects. An important feature of the boat is the speed and sea-keeping performance: it can achieve the speed of 04 knots at the storm of 5 points, using missile weapons. The vessel’s construction was made with the use of the “Stels” technology, which significantly reduce its visibility to radar, infared and other fields of detection spectrum.

The main advantages of all hydrofoils are high level of comfort for passengers and vessel’s crew at high speed, the reduce of fuel consumption due to the low hydrodynamic resistance at foilborne, low waveformation, insensitive to rocking and high sea-keeping performance at small excitement.

Transport landing air-cavity vessel of the project 21820E is designed to high-speed delivery and landing of track and  wheel vehicle to the unprepared shore, people, to provide the equipment and material procurement of production and other items, to carry out the transport tasks during rescue operations.

Among the main advantages of the vessel, there should be noted the following ones:

-  the ability to carry out the loading and unloading operations under the conditions of unprepared shore;

-  shallow draft, allowing to move in shallow water;

the protection of propulsion-steering complex, providing the operation in conditions of weedy water.

The vessel’s hydrodynamic complex, including special lines of the hull, which provide the creation of air-cavity, ventilated water0jet propellers, rudders allow to achieve high speed, maneuverable and see-keeping characteristics at relatively large cargo capacity.

River cargo-passenger air-cavity vessel of the project 23220 is designed to transfer the passengers in saloons, equipped with the seats of aviation type, and different cargo, including self-propelled (nonself-propelled) vehicles (track and wheel) at the cargo platform. It can achieve the speed up to 60 km/hour and board 60 people.

Air-cavity vessels integrate the possibilities of transferring not only passengers, but different cargo as well, including self-propelled trach and wheel vehicle, operation in water basins with limited depth of the fairways, approaching to the unprepared shore in the region, where the berthing facilities are absent.

Air-cavity vessels have high speed at relatively low power costs due to the use of air cavity at the bottom.

Sea multi-purpose ekranoplane A-050-742d achieve the speed up to 450 km/hour with the ability to boar up to 100 passengers or cargo with the mass of up to 9 tons. It can take off from the unprepared airfield, as well as from the water and unprepared shores.

The main advantage of ekranoplane are the following: the motion speed, high fuel efficiency, high survivability, high sea-keeping performance and autonomy, amphibiotic, ease of deployment and shore support, the possibility of flight at low altitudes, the abilities of the airfield basing and landing of the water.

In the water basin of the exhibition complex “Lenexpo” our company will perform the large-scale sample of boats: hydrofoil boat “Dolphin V1” and “Volga”, high-speed gliding boat “Maket” and service boat “Katran”.

The hydrofoil boat “dolphin” is made in an elegant exterior: the whole deck is trimmed with the varnish tulip wood (TIC array) with chrome fittings. The hull is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy and equipped with foils, made of stainless steel to increase speed, improve comfort for passengers and reduce the fuel consumption by 30%. The maximum boat’s speed is 45 knots (more than 80 km/hour), passenger capacity – 8 people.

Hydrofoil boat “Dolphin” is being serial building at the own production in the interests of private customers and for needs of different companies and authorities.

During “IMDS-2017” there will be held a solemn transfer of service boat of the project 21770 “Katran”, designed by JSC “CMDB “Almaz” and built at the own production, to the customer JSC “Shiprepairing Center “Zvyozdochka”.

The boat should located at the board of  vessel-carrier and is designed to provide the process of rescue and other works, as well as everyday work of the vessel at riding at anchor, inshore moorings and base standing.  It can achieve the speed of up to 32 knots and board 10 passengers.

We will be glad to see you in the pavilion No.7 of the exhibition complex “Lenexpo” at our joint stand No. 702of JSC “R.E.Alexeev’s Hydrofoil Design Bureau” and strategic partner JSC “SPE “Radar MMS”, as well as in the ware basin of the exhibition complex, where our experts and specialists  will perform the full-scale samples and models of high-speed vessels, ships and ekranoplanes, answer all interesting questions, tell about the trends and perspectives of the development of high-speed shipbuilding.

You can make an official request for the information obtaining by email:, or by phone: : +7 (831) 273-10-37 (Department of Information and analytical support of projects).