The presentation of ekranoplane of new generation “Chaika-2”

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On February 10, the JSC “R.E. Alexeev’s Hydrofoil CDB” )CDB) organized a solemn event, dedicated to the life and work of the general designer – founder of CDB, his vessels and modern perspective projects of CDB in Academic Opera and Ballet, named after A.S.Pushkin, in Nizhny Novgorod as a part of celebration of the 100th anniversary of the great Soviet designer Rostislav Alekseev.

There was a model of perspective project of ekranoplane A-050-742d in the lobby of the theater. The new vessel is a 54-ton ekranoplane with a capacity of up to 100 people and cargo load of up to 9 tons, the maximum range of flight – 5 thousand km, maximum height – 3 thousand meters. During the presentation the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CDB-general designer Georgie Vladimirovich Antsev gave comments on this project: “The modern ekranoplane can be operated even in the harshest environment, it can be used for passengers transportation, as well as for the cargo delivery. In addition to this, ir can carry out specialized purposes of Emergencies Ministry and other services of first responders”. In 2017 CDB completes the technical design of ekranoplane and considers the issue of the building start in cooperation with its strategic partners and co-investors. One of the main partners and co-investors of this project is the JSC “Radar MMS” from Saint-Petersburg.

A huge thanks to the Ministry of shipbuilding industry for the support and trust, which was provided to CDB in the development of high-speed fleet. In the end of 2016 the company won the tender for the building of the first over the past 20 years river passenger hydrofoil “Valdai 45r”. The vessel’s hull is already under the building at the production base of CDB (Scientific-Industrial Complex No. 1) in Chkalovsk district of Nizhny Novgorod region.

There are conducting R&D works on the design of high-speed boat with the speed of up to 130 km/hour (R&D CAD “Speed”).

Over the last 5 years JSC “R.E.Alexeev’s Hydrofoil CDB) designed many modern civil projects of vessel and boats, some of which are already being serially built for the private customers. For example, hydrofoil boats “Dolphin V1”, “Dolphin V2” (Vitamin), “Volga”.

The representatives of the leadership brought up to speed on.

The gala evening was visited by the Governor of Nizhniy Novgorod region, V.P.Shantsev, the Chairman of the legislative Assembly Evgeniy Lebedev, Director of the Department of shipbuilding industry and marine facilities of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation Stanislav Anatolievich Chui, the Commander of the naval  aviation of Russia, Brigadier General, honored military pilot, Hero of the Russian Federation Kozhin Igor Sergeevich and others.

There was prepared a large concert program for the guest of holiday, organized by the group of the theather of the Moscow art theater, named after A.P.Chekhov and Lensoviet Academic Theater. The presenters were the actor of the Moscow asr theater Artem Bystrov and actress of the Lensoviet Academin Theater Daria Tsiberkina. There were performed the stars of the Russian and Nizhny Nivgorod Opera, artists from Moscow theaters and various creative teams on the stage. What is more, there took place the premiere of the trailer for “Overtake time” in the end of the program, which was devoted to the designer of hydrofoils and ekranoplanes, Rostislav Alekseev.

The CDB employees and partners of the company, who made a significant contribution to the development of the high-speed fleet of the Russian Federation and ekranoplane engineering, were awarded with medals and diplomas. The Director for production Asomchik Andrey Alexzandrovich was awarded with the diploma of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation. The honorary title “Honored shipbuilder” was given to the employees of JSC “R.E.Alexeev’s Hydrofoil CDB”: main engineer – first Deputy General Director, Garanov Makhail Jurievich, general designer Blokhin Valery Nikolaevich.

“I knew about CAN and works of Rostislav Alekseev, but today I Can personally see the high production potential of the company and was pleasantly amazed how many there are interesting ideas and projects for Russian shipping. We have already supported several works, in particular it is works on building of high-speed boats, and certainly we will continue to do it in the future”, - said Stanislav Anatolievich Chui.