There are appeared photos of building hydrofoil “Valdai-45R”

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Source: Political expert, dated from August 21, 2017.

The information portal ‘Sdelanounas” reported that shipbuilding plant of “R.E.Alexeev’s Hydrofoil Design Bureau”, specialized in design of hydrofoils, carries out the building of vessel ‘Valdai-45R”.

The vessel is also equipped with foils, and, as it became known, it will leave the dry dock soon, as well as it will “throw down” scaffolding with subsequent lanching. Today, the photos of the vessel in dock appeared.

Let’s remember that the building of such hydrofoils as “Valdai-45R” and “Kometa-120M” will mark the revival of a specialized shipbuilding of Russia. Previously, such vessels were built in the Soviet Union, but later they refused from such ships in view of the unprofitability of their maintenance. Today, technology has leaped forward and there is an opportunity not only to revive the various “Kometa”, “Raketa”, and “Valdai”, but also to make them effective due to new materials, improved high-speed characteristics and comfort.