Hydrofoil design Bureau will work out high-speed hydrofoil boat

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Source: Publishing house “Komersant”, dated from February 13, 2017.

Author: Anna Pavlova

R.E.Alexeev’s Hydrofoil Design Bureau started the design of hugh-speed boat with the support of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation. According to the Director for innovative development, marketing and foreign trade, Sergey Korolev, in the end of 2016 the Bureau won the competition of the Ministry of industry and trade for the creation of experimental sample in the frame of state program of development of shipbuilding and transport for offshore fields’ development for 2015-2030. We are talking about the hydrofoil boat of the mixed type “river-sea”, which can reach the speed of up to 130 km/hour. It is expected that the boat will be delivered to the customer? i.e. the state, in the October of 2017, however, CDB expects to announce the boat in the summer at the International Maritime Defence Show in Saint-Petersburg. There are no analogues of such boat on the world market, said Mr. Korolev: “130 km/h is almost a limit speed for hydrofoil boats, there starts the cavitation if it is above this level, which does not allow to stay stable in the foilborne. There is a great number of works on high-speed boats in the world, some of the boat achieve the speed of up to 200 km/h, but we are talking about the gliding boats, which can jump on waves”, - explain specialists in Hydrofoil Design Bureau. According to the designers, the new boat can be interesting to Federal National Guard Troops Service. As well as Emergency Ministry, border services,  coast guard and private customers. In addition to this, the boat can be used as an ambulance, which will allow to quickly transport sick people or people, which are in need of urgent medical assistance, by water, passing traffic jams: the project of the organization pf such complexes with hubs was already presented to the administration of Moscow.

Let’s remind that in September of 2016 Hydrofoil Design Bureau delivered the first hydrofoil boat “Dolphin V2” to the private customer. This customer was designed by the Bureau, and it can achieve the speed of up to 85 km/hour. According to Sergey Korolev, Hydrofoil Design Bureau has already built four such boats for private customers.