The building of the headmost sample of river vessel “Valdai-45R”

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Source: NIA “NizhnyNovgorod”, datedfromFebruary 10, 2017.

Author: Alena Vdovichenko

JSC ‘R.E.Alexeev’s Hydrofoil Design Bureau” plans to finish the building of the headmost sample of river vessel “Valdai-45R” in 2017. The Director for innovative development, marketing and foreign trade of Hydrofoil Design Bureau told reporters about this in February 10, 2017.

Accordingtohim, itslaunchingwillprobablytookplaceinearlysummer. “Then the vessel will start the plant trial, sea trials and begin the experimental operation. It will work at one of the exciting routes in central part of Russia”, - noted Mr. Korolev.

He stressed that the company has already received a number of applications for the purchase of such vessel. “There is an inquiry from the foreign customers in central part of Europe, South-East Asia and Latin America. But everyone expect the headmost vessel, which you can watch”, - said Sergey Korolev. According to his information, the price of the headmost sample will be about 80 mln. rubles. Thepriceshouldbelower  - 65 ,ln. Rubles or more – in the serial building.

“I believe that this project will have a big success, because the ratio of “price – quality” and the optimum number of passengers is what we need now. By 2025 we can build about 20-30 units of such vessels, because there is a demand”, - noted the company’s representative.

He also added that today Hydrofoil Design Bureau works on the design if high-speed hydrofoil boat, which can achieve the speed of up to 13 km/hour.

“This work we started before the new year, we won the competition. It is planned  that this boat, i.e. experimental sample, will be delivered to the customer – the Mistry of industry and trade – in October of 2017”, - concluded Sergey Korolev.