New river vessel “Valdai 45R” will be launched in Nizhny…

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Source: “Giport”, dated form February 12, 2017.

Author: Inga Rasskazova

The edition of Giport found put from the message of the Director for innovative development, marketing and trade of R.E.Alexeev’s Hydrofoil design Bureau, Sergey Korolev, in 2017 Hydrofoil Design Bureau will be ready to perform the readymade sample of river passenger vessel ‘Valdai 45R”.

The Director promises that the launch will take place in the early summer. Then the vessel will pass the plant and sea trial, and finally, people will be able to see it at the one of the exciting routes in central part of Rusia, and probably in central part of Europe, South-East Asia and Latin America, because the request for the supply of transport has already been received.

“The price of the headmost sample will be about 80 mln. rubles. The price should be lower  - 65 ,ln. Rubles or more – in the serial building”. – explained Sergey Korolev.

The vessel’s builder believes in the success of the project, as in the first place it promoted the ideal ration of “price – quality” and the optimum number of passengers is what we need now.

Already now the leadership of Hydrofoil Design Bureau said that there is a great number f ideas, that currently the design of high-speed hydrofoil boat, which can achieve the speed of up to 130 km/hour, is at full blast. The customer of this project us the Ministry of industry and trade, and the sample will be performed in October, 2017.