Sea multipurpose ekranoplane “Chaika-2”

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Source: “Time N”, dated from February 10, 2017.

Sea multipurpose ekranoplane “Chaika-2” was presented in Nizhny Novgorod in Friday, February 10.

The solemn event, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birthday of the founder of the Russian high-speed shipbuilding, designer Rostislav Alexeev, took place in Opera and ballet theatre.  

The governor of Nozhny Novgorod region, Valeriy Shantsev attended the presentation. The Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of Nizhny Novgorod region, Evgeniy Lebedev honored the memory of the design from Nizhny Novgorod, Rostislav Alexeev.

“This project glorified out land of Nizhny Novgorod and, probably, there were no more outstanding scientific and technical intentions in 20ty century. We are celebrating the anniversary of a great man, who by the middle of 20th century determined the whole world for decades by his discoveries and inventions. I heartily congratulate you on this holiday, and I think that  there will pass 100 years, and all generations, which will live after us, will remember the people, who made such breakthroughs in our lives, technology abd science”, - said Valeriy Shatsev.

The ekranoplane with the capacity if up to 100 passenger is still being designed, but, according to the general designer of JSC “R.E.Alexeev’s Hydrofoil Design Bureau”, Georgiy Antsevm the first flight of the aircraft will be at the Gorkiy water reservoir, closer to 2020. This ekranoplane is planed to use for task solving by the Emergency Ministry, as well as to be supplied to the countries of South-East Asia, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, eyc. It will be operated in the regions, where there are difficulties with the passenger transportation by air.

There will be no motion of ektanoplane of new generation on rivers because it is not safety.

Let’s remind that in 2009 the Governor Valeri Shantsev approved the program of support of industry on Nizhny Novgorod region, which also involves the provision companies with soft loans for equipment upgrades, tax incentives for industry enterprises which specialize in technical re-equipment. According to the Ministry of industry, trade and entrepreneurship of Nizhny Novgorod, more than 70% of industrial enterprises of Nizhny Novgorod region carried out the production modernization over the past 7 years.